Who We Are

WalkTalkConnect is non-profit 501 (C) (3) dedicated to building a “peer-to-peer” mentoring community that connects patients and caregivers facing the unique challenges rare brain & spinal cord tumors present.

In “peer-to-peer” mentoring communities, patients and their families can openly share personal experiences and advice through online forums and face-to-face meet up events - and not feel alone. These interactions are vital to the physical, mental and emotional recovery process these families face.

Your dollars support programs and events for patients, caregivers and the medical community to connect, share and learn from one another to further the healing process after diagnosis, surgery and treatment. Our close relationship with The Givens Brain Tumor Center and Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute allows us to connect with these patients and families and provide supplemental support alongside their continued medical advancement.

With your help, we can provide the necessary support and resources for patients and caregivers facing a life of “new normal”. With your help, these families can find peace of mind – together.

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