Jenn & Connie

"she's got my back"
Jenn & Connie
I walk a little crooked. I hug with love but only one arm. I'm winning the battle with cancer and bear the scars of such a warrior. A tumor of the brain, a golf ball sized ogliodendroglioma, located in my right frontal lobe, began an odyssey Connie and I will not soon forget.

Diagnosed in January of 2017, surgery soon followed as did the emotionally charged reality that life changing surgery brings.  Connie supported me as best she could as I went through both mentally and physically painful rehab for a deeply effected left side. She came to the hospital daily for nearly a month, bringing news of the world, fast food, and love. We had ups and downs of course but she is here for me. She's got my back and, if I don't fall down, I've got hers. (LOL)

Chemo, depression,'s been a long road that's still under construction and yes, the work is hard but the foundation is solid and the course is true. Our “New Normal” is how it is but, after only a year, we still struggle a bit to accept it and to adjust our lives. With the help of available resources, groups and foundations, we can keep on the right path and as each challenge arises, we can find our way. 


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