2018 Event Videos

Walk Talk Connect Event 2018

NEW this year! With the help of the wonderful Wolderman Creative, we videotaped this year’s walk event! We’re super excited to have this new feature to share the fun highlights from our day…so sit back and enjoy!


Todd & Rose Interview

Meet Todd & Rose. Todd is a spinal cord tumor survivor; an ependymoma, to be exact. That's a pediatric brain tumor over 95% of the time. To be diagnosed as an adult is a 1/1,000,000 chance. With those odds, Todd should play the lottery more often.

Life for Todd & Rose forever changed nearly 20 years ago with Todd's diagnosis. And one thing that changed is that Todd & Rose are two of our greatest ambassadors - we couldn't be more honored! Thank you, Todd & Rose!


Proud Parents

Love my Parents! I'm so grateful that at 78 & 79 they made the trip to MN for our Annual Walk Event for brain & spinal cord tumors. Not only were they proud parents, but also volunteers helping with raffles and merchandise sales.

I know they would much rather be at this event for any other reason than their daughter had a spinal cord tumor. It was a blow to not just me and my husband, but also our families. I also know my parents have felt helpless through out my surgery and recovery - a pain that is hard to overcome. So their support at our Annual Walk Event was just the help this girl needed.


Kathy and Tom - Why Walk?

Why did Tom and I decide we needed to do this event every year?

Because my rare tumor diagnosis made us feel alone. And no one should feel alone as they navigate the waters after a life changing diagnosis. We should feel a sense of connection with others - with a community that understands what our "new normal" will/can be.

Because life is all about the Power of Personal Connection.