What Our Logo Stands For

WalkTalkConnect Logo

WalkTalkConnect has a simple mission: make sure the next person diagnosed with a rare brain or spinal cord tumor doesn't feel alone; that they have a community to connect with and draw strength from.

In 2018, we felt we needed a mark that better represented this mission.

So, researching our heritage as Minnesotans, we found that both the Nordic symbol for "Connection" and the Celtic Trinity Knot have merged overtime as the cultures merged. Both represent the ideals of unity, connecting and strengthening as a group, so it made sense for us to adopt this symbolism as our own. Besides, it feels like a hug, and who couldn't use a hug?

Then there was the matter of colors. Green is very organic and represents the growth that comes from our own "tumor experiences", and the many friendships made along the way. Blue is a strong color of strength, but very calming; the calm that comes from connection. And gray is a stoic color that transitions between black and white or the transition from "old normal" to "new normal". Plus we felt these colors looked pretty darn good together.

Hope you like it as much as we do. Now, lets get connected!