2019 Event Video

Walk Talk Connect Connection Walk 2019

This past May, we gathered 100 of our friends, family members, and some new friends and walked in honor of all patients and families affected by rare brain & spinal cord tumors. We walked for those we have fought and won, those still fighting, and those we miss.

These rare tumors affect too many children and adults every year, yet we still do not know how they come to be and in many cases how to best treat them without lifelong challenges. They are so rare, it hard to find adequate information or others to talk with who understand the struggles patients and families face in their “new normal”. And The Givens Brain Tumor Center, along with a focus on cutting edge research, is our partner in reaching patients and families and providing the needed support.

So we walk together, talk with one another and connect with each other so that we have the support we need to move forward. #PowerOfConnection